Mike’s Resumé

Mike Wallis Email: mike at dubdubdub dot co dot uk Telephone: +44 (0)7973 326078


An experienced Solution/Infrastructure/DevOps Architect and Team Leader with broad experience in delivering and running Open Source based programmes, including Continuous Delivery and Integration processes and tools, software architecture, and infrastructure.

Operational management experience including the procurement, contract, vendor management, security, compliance and ongoing support of solutions.

Strong interest in developing Home Automation and open source IoT software and hardware, and the integration of third party products and services.

Professional Qualifications:

  • Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS) - 2015 - current
  • Certified Scrum Master - 2010 - current
  • Certified Scrum Developer - 2012 - current

Tools and Systems:

  • Continuous Build, Test and Deployment pipelines using CI tooling, such as Jenkins CI and Groovy.
  • Configuration Management using Ansible, Puppet, git flow based workflows.
  • Test driven infrastructure development using rspec, serverspec and compliance based CM tooling.
  • Design, administration, security and maintenance of large-scale applications.
  • Managing the SDLC using the Atlassian range of tools including Jira, Confluence, BitBucket server, Github and Crowd.
  • Virtualisation/Containerisation using Vagrant, Solaris 10 zones, and VMware.
  • Use of APM tooling to enhance operational support of applications and integration with monitoring and metrics stacks (Sensu, Telegraf, New Relic and ELK)


SNARC Consulting - London, UK

Consultant - February 2017 - May 2017

  • Working with clients across to define and optimise deployment processes and pipelines from both a process and technical perspectives.
  • Develop and document solutions to defined problems, such as secrets management with Hashicorp Vault.

Technologies Used: Ansible, Jenkins, Nexus, Kubernetes, Docker, Hashicorp Vault, Prometheus, Grafana, Influxdb

PwC UK LLP - London, UK

Devops Solution Architect, Technology Consulting - June 2015 - February 2017

  • Client based delivery work using Open Source based tooling and owning handover from build to run organisations.
  • Developer enablement: improving tooling and deployment processes to ensure code is managed into environments using Vagrant, Ansible, Jenkins and Atlassian Toolchains
  • Infrastructure and systems engineering: including solution definition, security, costing, vendor selection, contract negotiation, and procurement aspects.
  • Solution Technical architecture, working with business and solution architects to define solution for a multi-tenanted SAAS platform and owning the hosting and release management work stream.
  • Installation, Configuration and Documentation of a number of Kubernetes clusters, including changes to build pipelines using groovy pipelines in Jenkins and ansible

Technologies Used: Vagrant, Ansible, Jenkins, Nexus, Forgerock iDAM, MongoDB, Drupal CMS, Mulesoft ESB, Atlassian Tools, Kubernetes, OpenVSwitch, Docker/LXC, Grafana, ElasticSearch, Logstash, Amazon AWS, Azure

Capgemini PLC – London, UK

Lead Engineer, Digital Services: April 2013 – May 2015

  • Manage the Digital Services existing “DevOps” team.
  • Install, configure, update and troubleshoot web services, application servers and other web infrastructure for a number of clients across E-commerce and Utility sectors.
  • Ability to act as infrastructure/solution architect within projects as required, this includes solution design, performance tuning and configuration management.
  • Provide projects with a continuous improvement framework and strive to improve release cycles, and promote/practice Lean/Agile delivery methods to improve time to market and quality of releases - this includes infrastructure configuration management, deployment optimisation and other SDLC improvements.

Technologies Used: Jenkins CI, Puppet, Drupal CMS, New Relic APM, Graphite, Capistrano, Atlassian Toolchain: Jira, Confluence, Stash and Crowd, Joyent Cloud, Rackspace Managed Cloud , Amazon AWS, Python

European Directories - London, UK

Infrastructure Architect: January 2012 - April 2013

  • Maintain a high level view of emerging products and services and proactively chart infrastructure requirements for solution delivery across multiple channel (web, mobile etc) environments.
  • Be the Design Authority for infrastructure components encompassing functional and non-functional elements.
  • Define, design, maintain and evolve global deployment models and operating company localisation templates.
  • Vendor/Supplier engagement and rough order of magnitude calculations for project budgeting.

European Directories - London, UK

Solution Architect: August 2008 - January 2012

  • Help guide strategy with Group CIO, CIO and Online Managing Director on both site performance, development practices and driving cost efficiencies.
  • Design, build and assist in the development and migration of a high capacity Internet Yellow Pages platform for the European Directories group websites and migrate all existing IYP sites onto this platform.
  • Design, build and administer all the development and testing environments for all internal and external development partners across the group
  • Successfully implement an Active/Active mapping and routing platform using both TeleAtlas sourced and bespoke map tiles Perform triage and diagnostic of issues that the hosting provider was unable to identify
  • Provide group level technical assistance when scoping projects - including across Windows Server deployments

Technologies Used: Hudson/Jenkins, Chef and custom scripts, Mongodb, MySQL, FAST ESP, Varnish Cache, CentOS/RHEL Linux - 300+ servers, Solaris 10, VMware ESX 4.x - 5.x - clusters with 500 virtual machines and 40TB of storage, F5 Network’s BIG-IP Load Balancers, Subversion, Nexus, Maven

Escenic AS

Senior Consultant: August 2007 - August 2008

  • Installation/architectural and scaling support to Escenic customers, including configuration of caching, webservers, databases and network filesystems
  • Coaching and training for aspects of the software stack and general website delivery
  • Pre-sales assistance to the sales department

Technologies Used: Centos 4.x Linux, Ubuntu Linux, Tomcat 5.x, Oracle Application Server, IBM WebSphere 5.x • Maven, Ant and Hudson CI, VMware Server, Subversion and Perforce 4.x, Varnish HTTP Cache 1.x, MemcacheD

Symbian Software Limited - London, UK

Systems Analyst: May 2007 - July 2007

  • Provide strategy for Symbian’s Solaris and Redhat linux infrastructure, whilst looking to provide server consolidation onto a mixture of VMware ESX server clusters and Solaris 10 zones.
  • Implement a global rollout of Bluecoat proxy devices across US, Europe and Asian offices.

News International Newspapers Limited - London, UK

Senior Technical Architect: July 2006 - May 2007

  • Design, develop and document the new online platform as well as providing support and guidance to the technical teams and business units, utilising a multi-node Oracle 10g RAC cluster, and websphere clustering on Sun Opteron blade servers spread across 6 chassis.
  • Provide cost/benefit guidelines to key stakeholders for further investments and direction of maximising growth from existing invested infrastructure and software.
  • Consolidate some of the existing server real-estate into a Solaris 10 zone based platform.

Technology Used: Solaris 10 - 200+ servers, 400+ zones, Oracle 10g RAC - 4 nodes, 4TB DB storage, IBM Websphere 5.x, Tomcat 4.x, Java 1.5 - 1.6, Bluecoat HTTP Caches, F5 Network’s BIG-IP Load Balancers, Subversion, SCCS, Ant, Bourne shell and Perl, MemcacheD

News International Newspapers Limited - London, UK

Senior Systems Administrator: September 1997 - June 2006

  • Manage 100+ UNIX servers providing infrastructure behind the internet presences of News International’s websites (The Times, The Sun, and Page3) including back-end systems, including Oracle * High-Availability Clusters and appliances.
  • Prepare capital expenditure requests for annual predicted growth and give justification on future platform requirements, this is to include the changes in physical environment and logical architecture to cater for the continuing three figure growth that the Online titles have since the beginning of the millennium.
  • Maintain the Linux servers and build/design bespoke Linux based appliances for the Newspaper production process.

SBC Warburg - London, UK

Distributed Computing Engineer: May 1997 - September 1997

  • To develop the UNIX client-server infrastructure and to implement and test new applications and servers
  • Redesigned existing Naming Services and migrated from NIS to DNS to provide core machine name resolution.

Demon Internet - London, UK

Senior Systems Administrator/Postmaster: March 1996 - May 1997

  • Provide rapid response to problems; regular maintenance to the SMTP infrastructure and services, from basic network services to application layer services
  • Migrate an ISP from it’s existing infrastructure into the core Demon infrastructure and provide a migration framework to move the user-base.


University of Dundee - Dundee, Scotland Bachelor of Science, Computer Science September, 1992 - Graduated August, 1995

Swanley Comprehensive School - Swanley, Kent A-Levels (Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics) September, 1990 - September, 1992