Adding tags to docker-maven-plugin

Adding a latest tag to docker containers built by docker-maven-plugin <name>${project.artifactId}:${project.version}</name> <build> <tags combine.children="append"> <tag>latest</tag> </tags> <from>${base.docker.image}</from>

starting kubernetes

Getting kubernetes to start with RBAC features enabled $ minikube start --vm-driver=xhyve \ --extra-config=apiserver.GenericServerRunOptions.AuthorizationMode=RBAC,--authorization-rbac-super-user=minikube-admin \ --kubernetes-version=v1.6.0 --memory=4096 --cpus 4

Thoughts on Kubernetes

Just a collection of annoyances on Kubernetes: kubectl config and multiple namespaces Seriously! The shear amount of YAML duplication if you have a large number of namespaces and clusters it quite rapidly becomes very annoying, do remember that this is YAML so you could have (ab)used anchors to copy commonly used fragments: apiVersion: v1 clusters: - cluster: server: name: cluster1 contexts: - context: &bar-ns cluster: cluster1 namespace: bar-namespace user: "cluster1-user" name: cluster1-bar-namespace - context: <<: *bar-ns namespace: foo-namespace name: cluster1-foo-namespace - context: <<: *bar-ns namespace: kube-system name: cluster1-kubesystem current-context: cluster1-foo-namespace kind: Config preferences: {} users: [] CURRENT NAME CLUSTER AUTHINFO NAMESPACE * cluster1-foo-namespace cluster1 foo-namespace cluster1-kubesystem cluster1 kube-system cluster1-bar-namespace cluster1 bar-namespace Except: as soon as you use kubectl config use-context it goes and helpfully writes back the expanded YAML structure.

Errors on features export

Had a strange error being reported when exporting features from a Drupal 7 instance, in that the resultant tar file was not extracting using any of the usual tools, such as tar etc. $ file features_export-7.x-1.0-alpha1.tar features_export-7.x-1.0-alpha1.tar: data File magic showed that the file was wrong, but looking at the file itself looked correct at first glance, and a look around on returned this old thread which lead me to

Capistrano changelog

Capistrano and Changelogs I needed a more atomic method of listing changes between two deployments whilst using capistrano, so used the following task to perform a git log between two revisions: use the following to display: $ cap deploy:changelog INFO Changes between 04e7f9a and 3fd3e88 releases INFO e7770ab Built Deployable files from Drush make 8f9d13c Built Deployable files from Drush make 3872d29 Built Deployable files from Drush make 193aaad Built Deployable files from Drush make You can then of course include within any other tasks using the normal capistrano methods