Vagrant error during plugin install

Had the following error being thrown when trying to install the vagrant-vbguest plugin: $ vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbguest Installing the 'vagrant-vbguest' plugin. This can take a few minutes... Bundler, the underlying system Vagrant uses to install plugins, reported an error. The error is shown below. These errors are usually caused by misconfigured plugin installations or transient network issues. The error from Bundler is: An error occurred while installing ffi (1.9.5), and Bundler cannot continue.

Useful business KPIs

Net Promoter score - how likely a customer will recommend customer profitability score - how much profit does individual customers bring to business after costs customer retention rate - loyalty and churn conversation rate - how well prospectives are turned into customers relative market share - how big a share of the pie do you have revenue growth rate - rate of increase of income net profit - income minus expenses net profit margin - percentage of revenue that is profit gross profit margin - profit generate per X of sales operating profit margin - operating income divided by revenue Return in investment - how much X investment generates in new income cash conversion cycle - how long it takes for ROI to happen capacity utilisation rate - how saturated are you resources?

Has microsoft lost it's way?

I cannot help but feel, very probably not helped by the rest of the tech press that Microsoft is still struggling to understand what it’s core market is and how to move forward. Look at the current Microsoft mobile phone marketing Lumia: Plus, you’ll stay productive on the go with Microsoft Office Mobile built in And with Microsoft Office and OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) built in, you can keep on top of your work even when away from your desk

moving to github

So I’m a big dabbler when it comes to my personal site/pages, over the years I’ve moved from the following technologies/software to host: Simple HTML - 1999 Roxen - 2005 Wordpress Drupal Wordpress (again) Blogger Ghost I’ve had a dabble with Jekyll in the past (specifically Heckle) whilst I was playing with moving things to Ghost and given I have already migrated all of my content into Markdown it sounded like the best option (especially given I don’t have to then host the application somewhere)

OSX and Vagrant!

So whilst trying to get boxen to work I needed a good method to test, so of course I turned to Vagrant and standing on the works of others (namely Graham Gilbert ) I used the following steps: Requirements Packer Vagrant VMware Fusion Steps Download and install packer, the easiest method to do this I found was using homebrew $ brew install packer Cloning into '/opt/boxen/homebrew/Library/Taps/homebrew/homebrew-binary'... remote: Reusing existing pack: 143, done.