Useful business KPIs

  1. Net Promoter score - how likely a customer will recommend
  2. customer profitability score - how much profit does individual customers bring to business after costs
  3. customer retention rate - loyalty and churn
  4. conversation rate - how well prospectives are turned into customers
  5. relative market share - how big a share of the pie do you have
  6. revenue growth rate - rate of increase of income
  7. net profit - income minus expenses
  8. net profit margin - percentage of revenue that is profit
  9. gross profit margin - profit generate per X of sales
  10. operating profit margin - operating income divided by revenue
  11. Return in investment - how much X investment generates in new income
  12. cash conversion cycle - how long it takes for ROI to happen
  13. capacity utilisation rate - how saturated are you resources?
  14. project schedule variance - are projects meeting time scales
  15. project cost variance - are projects meeting budgets
  16. earning value metric - value generated by ongoing projects
  17. order fulfilment cycle time (OFCT) - time taken from order to delivery (cash flow)
  18. delivery in full, on time (DIFOT) rate - how often customer gets what they want when they want it based on total number of orders
  19. quality index - expectation of quality from customers
  20. process downtime level - how much wasted time
  21. staff advocacy score - similar to net promoter score
  22. staff engagement level - how does employee behaviour contribute to business goals
  23. absenteeism Bradford factor - what’s the cost of unauthorised absence.
  24. human capital added value (HCAV) - financial value of each employee
  25. 360-degree feedback score - how are staff rated by others/selves