Google travel tips

Heh, well ok, I didn’t know but when abroad and you need to use google, it can be slightly tricky to use if you don’t know the local language. So if you use :- Norwegian Google Homepage It’ll change your default language to english - this also works with changing back to anything like Russian Google Homepage To swap yourself to Russian - very helpful - previously i was also hand adding ?

On Horseshoes and Handgrenades

So was at airport yesterday, woke up early to make sure we’d get there in time, lo and behold TimesOnline on the 5am BBC bulletin, and as soon as they mentioned the two sets of “BA planes” and “radiation” I just knew it’d be on the flights to Domodedevo! Aside from that, airport was nice and quiet, sitting around before check-in, up wanders a gentleman and asks if we’re flying to Moscow, so I reply in the affirmative and a few questions later I find myself in front of a Channel 4 TV camera - DOH!