starting kubernetes

Getting kubernetes to start with RBAC features enabled $ minikube start --vm-driver=xhyve \ --extra-config=apiserver.GenericServerRunOptions.AuthorizationMode=RBAC,--authorization-rbac-super-user=minikube-admin \ --kubernetes-version=v1.6.0 --memory=4096 --cpus 4

Thoughts on Kubernetes

Just a collection of annoyances on Kubernetes: kubectl config and multiple namespaces Seriously! The shear amount of YAML duplication if you have a large number of namespaces and clusters it quite rapidly becomes very annoying, do remember that this is YAML so you could have (ab)used anchors to copy commonly used fragments: apiVersion: v1 clusters: - cluster: server: https://cluster1.example.com name: cluster1 contexts: - context: &bar-ns cluster: cluster1 namespace: bar-namespace user: "cluster1-user" name: cluster1-bar-namespace - context: <<: *bar-ns namespace: foo-namespace name: cluster1-foo-namespace - context: <<: *bar-ns namespace: kube-system name: cluster1-kubesystem current-context: cluster1-foo-namespace kind: Config preferences: {} users: [] CURRENT NAME CLUSTER AUTHINFO NAMESPACE * cluster1-foo-namespace cluster1 foo-namespace cluster1-kubesystem cluster1 kube-system cluster1-bar-namespace cluster1 bar-namespace Except: as soon as you use kubectl config use-context it goes and helpfully writes back the expanded YAML structure.