google authenticator on NetGear ReadyNAS

First I had to ensure that the stock debian packages are available for installation: $ tail /etc/apt/sources.list deb http://archive.debian.org/debian etch main Install g++ and other dependencies $ apt-get install g++ libpam0g-dev Download google-authenticator source code: $ git clone https://code.google.com/p/google-authenticator/ $ cd google-authenticator/ $ ./configure && make && make install Then simply follow the instructions over at here

upgrading the playstation 3

Well finally borrowed an USB disk big enough - though the actual backup of the playstation ended up at 8GB it complained about fitting on my USB drive. So aside from a simple backup of the old drive via the XMB tool. Replace the old 40GB 2.5” SATA drive with a nice shiny 320GB model (and then restored from the USB drive) Quite a few guides on the interweb about how to do that, but I’m still slightly shocked that Sony are using standard parts these days!